5 Steps on How to Make Money with MyPayingCryptoAds. Free Guide

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Introduction on How to Make Money with MyPayingCryptoAds.

My Paying Crypto Ads is the best and hottest platform to make money online today. It uses two of the fastest rising and most powerful industries in making money online. Namely the online advertising and crypto currency industries. At
However, there are some things you need to know before you can fully take advantage of its benefits and services. Don’t worry these are just simple things you need to know and once they are set they are good for the rest of your life.
Let us go straight to the required specific steps we need to do. There can be few more things you can do to fully optimize the features of My Paying Crypto Ads but the following are just the necessary basic steps so you can start your money making journey with MyPayingCryptoAds.
If you want to learn more read my online review about MyPayingCryptoAds. In this blog post I have discussed some of the most important details and features of My Paying Crypto Ads. Like the name of its owner, ad pack plans, advertising products and many more.

Step 1. Your Payment Processor.

My Paying Crypto Ads will be using Bitcoins. So you need to set up a Bitcoin wallet or account. Don’t worry it is easy and totally FREE.
The most popular Bitcoin wallets that you can easily convert dollars to Bitcoin and from Bitcoin to dollars are CoinBase and Blockchain. CoinBase is headquartered in the US and fully complies all government regulations in that country so there should be no problem using this company to store your MyPayingCryptoAds earnings.
If you are looking for Bitcoin payment platform that can be easily exchanged to your local currency you can just Google Bitcoin+(your location). I am from the Philippines and the most accessible and reliable here is using coins.ph. What I heard is that it is Unocoin in India, coin jar with Australia, etc. etc..

Step 2. Your Profile and KYC.

Your profile are your personal information that you need to provide inside the member’s area. So you can be verified as a real person and not just a ghost account. The most important detail is your payment processor information because this is where you are going to get paid, every time you make a withdrawal request it will be automatically sent to your provided payment processor information.
Your profile information is also necessary for government compliance. You should be a real person with verifiable ID’s so that all transactions met government regulations. It is MyPayingCryptoAds’s intention to be as compliant, legal and stable in any country a member might be from. MyPayingCryptoAds intends to be a long term business that’s why this step is necessary.

Step 3. Buy the Maximum Ad Packs that You Can Afford at the Moment

Ad Packs are what most of us are interested to accumulate. An Ad Pack is equivalent to 1 revenue share position which will generate Bicoins for you every hour 24 times daily. With the more Ad Packs we own the more Bitcoins we can earn every hour.
When you have clicked the required number of ads per day, your Bitcoin earnings are accumulated and are shown in your earning balance. You can just choose to either buy more ad packs to grow your account or cash out your Bitcoins. Here is my blog post on my strategy how I always win with ad revshare programs 

Step 4. How to Buy  Ad Packs and How to Use Them.

All you need to do to buy Ad Packs is fund your account using your Bitcoin Wallet or use your referral commissions to buy one.
Inside your My Paying Crypto Ads member’s area click the Buy Ad pack button then proceed by choosing the type of ad packs you want to purchase and number of ad packs (depends on your membership level) and just pay with the corresponding amount.
Now, when you already  have Ad packs you not only get revenue share positions that will let you earn more Bitcoins every hour you will also receive advertising credits.
Use these credits to advertise whatever you want to promote inside MyPayingCryptoAds and earn more money through affiliate commissions. You will then benefit in multiple ways earning money through your revenue share positions and also benefit with your advertising results.
My best recommendation of what to advertise inside My Paying Crypto Ads member’s area are materials for people who wants to make money online or wants to promote their products or services. Imagine yourself as the viewer and what you would want to see. That would include other legitimate online money making platforms, or you may want to see FREE or affordable sites that you can promote your MyPayingCryptoAds business or tools to get your online business to a higher level. When you have already decided what are to promote inside, all you have to do is visit the company’s website and use their affiliate tools to earn more commissions.

Step 5. Promote with Your My Paying Crypto Ads Referral Links.

Your referral links are where people sign up to join under you. They are located under the Promo Tools bar menu at the left side of your main dashboard area. There are selection of referral links you can use and they are frequently being updated just choose the ones you think are fitting for your campaigns.
Aside from your main website and sign up referral links, you can also use banners, text ads and even sample messages already embedded with your referral link.
Introduce My Paying Crypto Ads to your family and friends and also use the internet to build your business. You can use the social media and if you are a content producer (blog/article/videos/etc.) just make sure to include your referral link with your posts and content and as soon as people sign up under you they will belong in your team and as long as they are active you are going to earn from them.
If you want to pursue online marketing for your business, you can get my FREE EBOOK or provide your email to the form I provided below. I will send you this valuable information for FREE. All you have to do is follow the steps I have outlined which is most of the time in a step by step manner. You will surely achieve a full time internet income level, just set your target daily income, focus your time and energy to grow this account and in no time you will get the rewards on participating with the best and hottest making money online platform today.


Making money online using MyPayingCryptoAds is one of the wisest decision you will ever make. You not only participate with a reliable and proven platform you also take advantage of the two of the most powerful and fastest growing industries today. Crypto currency and online advertising will continue to be major influencers of how our society will be shaping up in the near future. Take action by signing up today. Surely you will not regret by ensuring your online business success and your financial future.

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