A-ADS Auto Paying System in BITCOIN Adnetwork

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What is Anonymous Ads?
A-ads is formerly Anonymous Ads, is an advertising network which provides CPA, PPC and CPM advertising.
AnonymousAds is an advertising service that doesn’t care who you are. It doesn’t collect any personal data about its users, nor even email address. At the same time, it aims to provide fully transparent and verifiable service to its customers. All this is possible because AnonymousAds uses Bitcoin as its currency.

Here is a brief explanation of how AnonymousAds works:
  • Publishers embed AnonymousAds code on their sites to start earning.
  • Advertisers pay any amount to publishers via AnonymousAds to get a proportional share of ad impressions from them.
  • Each time visitor comes to publisher’s site, AnonymousAds serves a random ad with respect to amounts paid to that publisher by advertisers.
    More advertisers pay to particular publishers – higher the share of impressions they get from them. Hence if advertisers reward publishers for sales, then they improve efficiency of their campaign. No need to worry about CTR, CPC or CPM. Throw some amount to test your publishers and then reward them for sales!
Actually, it's the transparent Bitcoin advertising network that doesn’t collect any personal data about its users. Their lightweight ads don’t contain javascript or swf. They don’t spy on their users and don’t provide targeting based on browser history. They don’t sell visitors and don’t pay per click or per impression. They sell a share of traffic of their publishers to their advertisers.
Advertisers allocate their funds on advertising spaces (ad units) and get a share of impressions from them. They can track the sources of efficient traffic and reward them for sales to improve the targeting of their campaigns.

If you want to buy ads:
Just try this out. Create an advertising campaign, it should take less than a minute since no registration is needed.
After your campaign is created, you can adjust its parameters, deposit any amount and wait for your ad to be activated by our moderators.
They are also searching for advertisers that are willing to receive free traffic and use CPA or revenue-sharing model. Pay for traffic after it converts!

Why is Anonymous Ads good for advertisers?
  • No registration
    You don’t need to spend your time entering useless data about yourself, and we can’t leak it or spam you. Just find or create an ad, start a campaign and deposit money (bitcoin only).
  • Cheap traffic
    Yes, we have lots of cheap traffic. Often bitcoin-related traffic. Sometimes insanely cheap traffic. And yet it generates sales.
  • Wide coverage
    We have thousands of sites and serve ads to ~1M globally unique IPs daily. You may receive more traffic than we show on your campaign’s stats page since we show only globally unique IPs there.
  • Predictable expenses
    Set your daily budget, we’ll distribute them among ad units with respect to their traffic and your targeting.
    Your expenses depend on you, an amount of traffic you receive depends on the market situation.
  • Don’t pay for fake clicks
    We are not pay-per-click or pay-per-impression network. Publishers don’t have financial incentive to fake clicks and you don’t pay for them.
  • Transparency
    You can see our global stats, stats of other advertisers, stats of ad units. We have nothing to hide.
  • Control
    You have control over your advertising campaign. Advertise everywhere, or limit your campaign to particular categories, sites, ad units. Track and ban ad units you don’t like.
  • Goal tracking and Affiliate marketing
    You can track which campaign and ad unit brought a visitor to you. You can reward efficient ad units for buyers they attracted (thus increasing your share of their impressions). If you do so, you will be listed here thus creating additional incentive for publishers to show your ads and share your links.
  • Warning
    Please don’t advertise scams, or you may loose your money.

If you want to monetize your traffic:
Create an ad unit, embed your ad and receive automatic payouts to your bitcoin address.
Please note that we are not pay-per-click or pay-per-impression, our default money distribution mechanism relies on the amount of globally unique impressions, please see this post for details.
Ad units may also receive rewards from advertisers that use CPA or revenue sharing model.

What is Ad Unit?
  • In Google AdSense ad unit is a set of ads displayed as a result of one piece of the AdSense ad code.
  • In Microsoft Bing, it is the space in an application where ads are displayed.
  • In Anonymous Ads, it is pretty much the same: an advertising space, a source of traffic, that has its own ID and parameters associated with it.
  • Ad Units are the key elements of our advertising network. Since we don’t collect much information about visitors, our targeting is mainly based on ad units. Advertisers select ad units for their advertising campaigns either manually or by choosing the desired sites and categories.
  • Publishers specify what kinds of ads should not be displayed on their ad units (e. g. they can forbid NSFW or gambling ads, or disallow graphical banners).
  • If ad unit matches campaigns then it will get money from them and display their ads.
There are 2 types of ad units in Anonymous Ads: ad units of type “Site” and ad units of type “Anonymous”.

Ad units of type “Site” have Site URL parameter that specifies the publisher’s page with our code embedded (it may be embedded into many pages, but we need to know at least one exact URL to check if it is there).
Our bot visits publisher’s page time to time and estimates the probability that our code is there. This estimated probability is denoted as “Health”. It may take several days before the estimation becomes accurate.
They don’t know much about ad units of type “Anonymous”. They can be embedded anywhere (browser extensions, mobile applications, sites, etc) and they have a description that is supposed to give a hint about the origin of traffic. But usually, we can’t check whether the description is correct or not, so anonymous ad units tend to stay in the “Unknown” category forever unless we see a convincing evidence that it should belong to some other category.
CPM for the “Unknown” category is usually much lower than for any other category.

Generous affiliate program
All the publishers participate in its affiliate program. They get 50% of fees collected from advertisers attracted by their ad units (~10% of their spendings). Anybody can create an affiliate link and earn daily rewards by promoting this service.

How to create ad unit?
You need a bitcoin account before registered

To create bitcoin account Click Here

Click the image below to Join a-ads program.
Now you are on a-ads site. Click Signin > Signup see the image below

Simply fill the form and signup see the image below

After signup login to your account.
Then click on Create ad unit

Now create ad unit for your site.
Give a banner size
Give your site URL
Give payment method user account or bitcoin address

After creating Ad unit you just put the code into your blog or website
you will get the code in account dashboard. It's as like as see the image below

What is minimum payout?
There is no minimum payout. You can set your minimum payout on yourself.
Remember All payouts are made automatically. Yes they will pay you automatically to your bitcoin address
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