Earn 2$ for every referral you invite to join Legit site

April 28, 2017 Khadizatul Kubra 0 Comments

Easily Earn 24$ with this Cashback site

Hi guys, I'm sharing you a great website that is about people who love shipping and earning at the same time, but today post this isn't our goal from this site.

With this website you can earn from each referral you invite to join to this website. Each referral you will earn 2$ and also 5% commission and the minimum amount to payout is 25$ You can withdraw your into your PayPal account.

and if you joined under me you'll get 5$ extra and all you need is make other people joining under you to earn 2$ from them. It simple and easy!

Join here:
(Join under me if you want 5$ extra)

NOTE : I tried to signup with Hotmail but didn't work, it will work with GMAIL and Yahoo!!

So thanks to anyone who joined under my link and payments proof i will uploaded soon!

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