Get Free Working Virtual Credit Card (VCC) in Minutes

April 29, 2017 Khadizatul Kubra 0 Comments

Get 100% Free Virtual Credit Card

Today i'm showing you how to get free working vcc in just couple of minutes. It is totally free and i tested on some platform like PayPal, Amazon, AWS and etc.

 Get Free Working Virtual Credit Card (VCC) in Minutes

Follow simple steps to get free virtual credit card.
  1. First go to your smartphone app store.
  2. Now Download and Install these to apps from app store (Textmeup and Revolut).
  3. Open TextMeUp and Signup. It will be ask to choose a phone number and select phone number from UK
  4. Enter Revolut and enter your new UK phone number.
  5. You will get sms confirmation code in seconds.
  6. Get confirmed and signup real or fake name and address from UK.
  7. Go to My Card and here you will get your free VCC.
  8. Now Go to profile Change your Phone no. With your original one along with your original address and Info.
  9. Enjoy.

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