What is TBC ?

May 12, 2017 Khadizatul Kubra 0 Comments

THEBILLIONCOIN or TBC coin is a new innovation as opensource cryptocurrency. Just like the Bitcoin, it can also be used as payment for services or purchases online. Starting March 21st, 2016 TBC now has over 2,00,000 verified users around the globe most particularly in the U.S.A, Nigeria, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Europe and is spreading globally as TBC is open to accept leaders per country or city. Each leaders needs to win an election votes and the winner will be granted the amount of TBC from the stake coins to be used for the growth of TBC users and developments in respective countries. TBC is abundance based coin because it has the maximum ultimate value of One Billion when 3 Billion users worldwide are verified. So for example, if there are 9 Billion people on earth and they all use TBC as one of the crypto currency in their wallet, the maximum value will still be One Billion only as it was stated on the TBC and User's Agreement before deciding to use this coin for payments. This will take some time and years before it will hit its ultimate price that is why, this is the best time to have a TBC wallet and funds in your account while the price is very low.

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